PureWave Press Release

Raymor begins production and sale of PureWave GrapheneTMpowder: a low cost solution with CVD like quality available in large bulk quantities.

May 1, 2016- Boisbriand, QC: Today Raymor and NanoIntegris are proud to announce the launch of PureWave Graphene, a substrate-free graphene grown in a plasma reactor, whose specifications approach those of CVD single-layer graphene.

Commercially available graphene can be split into two categories: single-layer CVD graphene on a substrate or exfoliated multi-layer graphene. While CVD graphene possesses the qualities of true single-layer graphene, it will likely never be produced in the quantities necessary for bulk applications. Its use will likely be restricted to sensors, circuit elements, and transparent electrodes. Exfoliated multi-layer graphene is currently available in the quantities necessary for applications like energy storage and conductive inks, but it does not possess the electrical conductivity properties or spectral signature of mono-layer graphene.

Our PureWave Graphene features a Raman 2D/G ratio close to or greater than unity and a specific surface area (BET) of up to 500 m2/g. which is greater than most exfoliated graphenes. This Raman signature is absent from exfoliated GNP, but is displayed by CVD graphene. This and other data proves that PureWave Graphene consists of very few layers (4-7). Furthermore, the turbostratic and wavy morphology of PureWave Graphene leads to an unequalled ability to be dispersed in a variety of solvents and resins.

The unique plasma process used to grow our PureWave Graphene nanoplatelets is easy to scale and thus produces a low cost product. Finally, this material contains low oxygen content (1%) and ppm metal impurity levels. Our unique and protected growth process based on plasma already allows us to produce this material at over 100 g/hour. This product is immediately available for research in gram or kg quantities, but lower prices for industrial applications will be unveiled by the end of the year. Please call or e-mail us for further information, or visit our websites for technical specifications.


About NanoIntegris and Raymor

Raymor Industries Inc. is an industrial-scale producer of graphene and SWCNT. Nanointegris Technologies, a Raymor subsidiary, is the world’s leading supplier of high mobility semiconductor solutions. Our inks include high-purity, sorted semiconducting or metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and graphene. They are used by leading OEMs and academics to develop the next generation of transparent conductive coatings, transistors, sensors and photovoltaics, as shown by over 500 published scientific studies using these advanced materials.

For more information, please contact us at sales@nanointegris.com, 866-650-0482, or visit www.nanointegris.com