Unsorted, Purified SWNTS (SuperPureTubes™ and PureTubes™)

Unseparated SWNTs


Diameter Range 1.2nm-1.7nm
Length Range 300 nm to 5 microns
Solution Color Dark Brown/ Gray
Metal Catlyst Impurity <1-3.5%
Amorphous Carbon Impurity 1-5%

Product Delivery

We currently offer our nanotube products in two forms: Aqueous surfactant solution and surfactant-eliminated “powder” (thick film or buckey paper). We remove the surfactant from our powders via a proprietary process that involves filtration and rinsing. The end result is a film-like structure, as can be seen in the above picture. Our powders have been formulated so that they are easy to use, break apart, and disperse in solvents with gentle sonication.


Multi-gram and kilogram price quotes available by request. Additional discounts also available for large volume orders.

For more information contact our Sales Manager at sales@nanointegris.com or call +1-866-650-0482.

Metal Catalyst Impurities Solution
Thick Film
<3.5% $75 $125
<1.0% $200 $275

Unseparated SWCNT’s