Graphene (PureSheets™)


Few-Layer Graphene

Graphene Pure Sheets


Measure PureSheets MONO PureSheets QUATTRO
Single Layer Content 27% 6%
Double Layer Content 48% 23%
Triple Layer Content 20% 27%
4+ Layer Content 5% 44%
Average Flake Area ~10,000 nm2 ~10,000 nm2
Solution Type Aqueous w/surfactant Aqueous w/surfactant
Graphene Concentration 0.05 mg/mL 0.05 mg/mL
Surfactant Concentration 2% w/v 2% w/v
Surfactant Type Ionic (proprietary) Ionic (proprietary)
Shelf Life 6 months 6 months

Product Applications

The PureSheets MONO and QUATTRO graphene products have been utilized in many scientific works over the years. The nanomaterial has found usage within applications such as Charge Storage, Biosensing, and Memory Devices.

Biosensors & Cancer Detection

NanoIntegris’ PureSheets MONO Graphene solution was used by collaboration between teams at Tsinghua University and the University of Minnesota to generate a self-assembled composite for label free biosensors. [1] The low-cost, easy to operate graphene sensors were used to detect lung cancer tumor markers which are very critical in disease prediction and diagnosis, especially in cancer treatment monitoring.

The sensor exhibited a large detection range from 100fg/ml to 1µg/ml, which is seven orders of magnitude better than clinic requirements. The output signal and sensitivity of the sensor can still be further tuned and enhanced by heat shrink and TiO2 nano particle layering, providing a foundation for more controllable and flexible applications in chemical, biological detection and micro-fluidics.

[1] Sensors and Actuators B 2016 (2015) 337-342

Memory Chips

Researchers from Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Bilkent University utilized NanoIntegris’ PureSheets QUATTRO Graphene solution as the charge storage media embedded in a Zinc Oxide layer of a fabricated MOS Memory Cell. [2] For such a device, the Charge Trap Density was roughly 1.08×1012 /cm2, showed good retention characteristics, and, when extrapolated out 10 years, indicated a loss of only 25% of stored charged.

Along with this, the memory cell showed good endurance with a voltage shift o reduction of 13.3% after 104 memory hysteresis cycles. Such work successfully paves the way for memory chips with low-cost, low power consumption, and high density that can be utilized within smartphones, tablets, mobile internet devices, and digital cameras.

[2] Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 033102 (2014)

Metal Ion Detection

Members of the Department of Precision Instruments and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tsinghua University and the University of Minnesota, respectively, created a heavy metal ion detector. [3] For this work, NanoIntegris PureSheets MONO Graphene suspension solution was layer-by-layer self-assembled on a micro-sensor for the detection of trace lead (Pb II) ions. The obtained stripping voltammograms yielded high sensitivity (1.061 µA/ppb ) and limits of detection (0.078 ppb ). These results were promising for such Graphene Bismuth hybrid nanocomposites for use within portable, highly sensitive ion sensors.

[3] MEMS 2017 IEEE pp. 1083-1086

Product Delivery

We currently offer our graphene products in two forms: Aqueous surfactant solution and surfactant-eliminated “powder” (thick film or buckey paper). We remove the surfactant from our powders via a proprietary process that involves filtration and rinsing. The end result is a film-like structure. Our powders have been formulated so that they are easy to use, break apart, and disperse in solvents with gentle sonication.


Gram and multi-gram price quotes available by request. Additional discounts also available for large volume orders.

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PureSheets Grade Price (10 mg)
QUATTRO $75.00
MONO $100

Graphene Pure Sheets