NanoIntegris Wins the Technical Development Materials Award at PE USA 2014!

NanoIntegris/ Raymor were presented with the “Technical Development Materials Award” at IDTEchEx’s Printed Electronics USA 2014 Conference in Santa Clara, California for the IsoSol-S100 product. During the event Jens Kroeger- Director of Technology- also presented “Exploring the Applications of Nanotube-Based Semiconductors and Conductors” and taught a Masterclass on Graphene and SWNT’s.

“NanoIntegris & Raymor Leave Their Mark on the Printed Electronics USA 2014 Tradeshow and Conference”

Santa Clara, CA- From Wednesday November 19 until Friday November 21, 2014, Dr. Jens Kroeger and Mr. Jefford Humes attended ID TechEx’s Printed Electronics USA 2014 Tradeshow and Conference. With about 2,800 in attendance and 200 exhibitors from 40 different countries, the two small yet powerful companies managed to leave their mark on the exciting event, which is the world’s largest tradeshow on the topic.

Both NanoIntegris Technologies and Raymor NanoTech shared booth G19 within the synergistic Canadian Pavilion. This Pavilion was set up to feature the numerous Canadian companies that are involved with the Printed Electronics movement, such as the National Research Council of Canada, GGI International, OMsignal, and the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. Beneath two beautiful banners, including a rotating circular banner, the Canadian Pavilion proved to be one of the most popular destinations for those in attendance, spurring many to learn even more about the SWNT and Graphene products provided by NanoIntegris and Raymor.

One of the greatest highlights of the event came prior to lunch on Wednesday November 19, within the Printed Electronics Track 1 ballroom. It was here that Jens Kroeger was presented with the highly coveted “Technical Development Materials Award” (pictured above) for the IsoSol-S100 product that was jointly developed by NanoIntegris, Raymor, and the NRC. There were almost 60 applicants for the awards, overseen by a distinguished panel of judges, and NanoIntegris/ Raymor was the only recipient! After the formal presentation, Jens delivered a 5-minute speech of gratitude, which was followed by a photo session with Jefford and Dr. Pat Malenfant, sponsored by the event coordinators. The beautiful green-hued glass trophy was later proudly exhibited atop the display table of the companies’ booth.

The following day- Thursday- continued Jens’ conference commitments, as he gave a thirty-minute presentation entitled “Exploring the Applications of Nanotube-Based Semiconductors and Conductors” within the “Progress with Carbon Nanotube” section of Printed Electronics Track 2. The presentation was well received, sparking interest from additional attendees who were not previously familiar with the companies or the technological materials and services we provide.

Jens’ presentation was one of a vast array of presentations given at this illustrious conference. At any given moment within the conference, there were eight rooms of speeches transpiring concomitantly, covering various topics such as Smart Labels, Energy Harvesting, Sensors, Wearable Electronics, and Graphene for Supercapacitor Applications. Numerous representatives from various institutions also contributed to the presentations from noted companies like Lockheed Martin, Samsung, Flextronics and academic institutions such as Suncheon National University and the University of California, Los Angeles.

As Thursday drew to a close, so did the tradeshow, but this did not conclude our involvement with the conference: on Friday morning, Jens was scheduled to present a Masterclass called “Carbon Nanotube Production Technologies, Applications and Markets,” which he gave superbly before a room filled with interested scientists, prior to our departure from California and triumphant return flight to Canada.

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