NanoIntegris Now Provides Multi-Walled BNNT



Boron Nitride Nanotubes (AKA BNNT’s) are a novel nanomaterial that has been gaining great interest within the academic and research communities as of late. Although we provide a Purified BNNT Powder, we are also happy to diversify our material portfolio with the all new Multi-walled BNNT product!

The primary usage for BNNT is to have the material serve as a Thermal Conductor. The thermal conductivity of a material can be multiplied by the incorporation of BNNT within composite materials. For example, in a Thermal Conductivity Comparison of 50wt% h-BN dispersed epoxy composite and 0.5wt% MW-BNNT/49.5 wt% h-BN dispersed epoxy composite, Thermal conductivity (1.3 W/mK) was enhanced by as much as 3 times.

If you are interested in learning more about this new product line, please visit the updated BNNT website.