Manager of NanoIntegris Attends SEMICON CHINA 2018



Shanghai, China. Manager of Separation Technology- Jefford Humes- attended the 30thAnnual SEMICON CHINA International Conference in Shanghai from March 14-16th, 2018. During this time, he was able to man the company booth in order to promote NanoIntegris’ high-purity semiconducting materials, such as the IsoNanotubes-S 99% and IsoSol-S100 materials that have found extensive use through the development of applications such as chemical sensors, thin film transistors, flexible electronics, and touch screen backplanes.

The SEMICON CHINA event is statistically the largest semiconductor event in the world and this year proved to be no exception. With over 3,600 booths, companies from 21 countries, 1133 exhibitors, and over 91 thousand visitors this illustrious event was a wonderful venue to highlight NanoIntegris’ novel materials and promote them before a very large audience!

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