NanoIntegris Publications 2012

Electrical Transport Properties of Multilayered Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films

Y Zhao, W Li – Journal of Nanotechnology, 2012 –

… 2. Experiments. In this research, we used commercially available HiPco purified SWCNTs and high purity (95%) metallic SWCNTs from The HiPco SWCNTs are mixture of metallic and semiconducting nanotubes. …

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Precise alignment of individual carbon nanotubes for nanoelectronics

J CaoAM Ionescu – … IEEE-NANO), 2012 12th IEEE Conference …, 2012 –

… Two sources of commercially available CNTs have been used: SW@NT Inc. and NanoIntegris Inc .. … Page 2. “Solution 2” -10 nglmL (SW@NT Inc.), and “Solution 3” -lO nglmL (NanoIntegris Inc.). All CNT assembly results were observed with a focus on the trench region (Fig. …

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Investigation of ultraviolet optical properties of semiconducting-enriched and metal-enriched single-walled carbon nanotube networks using spectroscopic …

YR Park, WJ Kim, MJ Ko, NK Min, CJ Lee – Nanoscale, 2012 –

… In addition, Fig. 2(f) shows the semi-SWCNT (95% purity) network film of Nanointegris Inc. … π-plasmon energy shifts from 5.0 eV to 4.5 eV as SWCNT network was changed from semi-SWCNT to m-SWCNT. (f) is semi-SWCNT (95% purity) network film of Nanointegris Inc. …

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Electrical Behavior of Langmuir–Blodgett Networks of Sorted Metallic and Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

MK Massey, MC Rosamond, C Pearson, DA Zeze… – Langmuir, 2012 – ACS Publications

… Experimental Methods. Sorted single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) were obtained from NanoIntegris in dried mat form. The unsorted material was separated by NanoIntegris by density gradient ultracentrifugation into …

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[PDF] Infrared Optoelectronic Properties and Applications of Monodisperse Carbon Nanomaterials

MC Hersam –

… In 2007, Dr. Hersam co-founded NanoIntegris, which is a start-up company focused on supplying high performance carbon nanomaterials. … [3] AA Green and MC Hersam, Advanced Materials, 23, 2185 (2011). [4] …

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Extremely bendable, high-performance integrated circuits using semiconducting carbon nanotube networks for digital, analog, and radio-frequency applications

C Wang, JC Chien, K Takei, T Takahashi, J Nah… – Nano …, 2012 – ACS Publications

… is used to functionalize the SiO x surface for 5 min to form amine-terminated adhesion layer followed by a deionized (DI) water rinse, and the sample is subsequently immersed into the commercially available 0.01 mg/mL semiconducting nanotube solution (NanoIntegris Inc.) for …

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Graphene impregnated with horseradish peroxidase multimer for the determination of hydrogen peroxide

Y Umasankar, B Unnikrishnan, SM Chen… – Analytical Methods, 2012 –

… Graphene dispersion (PureSheets MONO, average flake area = 10 000 nm 2 ) obtained from NanoIntegris was used as received. … The homogeneous graphene dispersion, in which the graphene was dispersed in ionic type surfactant solution, was obtained from NanoIntegris. …

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[CITATION] Fabrication Technique of Highly Dense Aligned Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Devices

A ElkadiE Decrossas, SM El-Ghazaly –

… FABRICATION TECHNIQUE The semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes furnished by Nanointegris suspended in aqueous solution are deposited and aligned using an AC dielectrophoresis (DEP) technique, [2, 3], across the horizontal electrodes presented in Fig. …

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Effect of doping on single-walled carbon nanotubes network of different metallicity

JN Tey, X Ho, J Wei – Nanoscale research letters, 2012 – Springer

… 548 Page 2. Methods CNT films preparation and post-treatment steps 95% S-SWNT and 90% M-SWNT were purchased com- mercially (IsoNanotubes-S and IsoNanotubes-M from NanoIntegris Inc, Menlo Park, CA, USA). A …

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[HTML] X-ray absorption spectroscopy by full-field X-ray microscopy of a thin graphite flake: Imaging and electronic structure via the carbon K-edge

C Bittencourt, AP Hitchock, X Ke… – Beilstein Journal of …, 2012 –

… The sample was obtained from NanoIntegris (Illinois, USA) in the form of “PureSheets” (MONO). … It is available free for noncommercial use from Go to reference 27. 20. NanoIntegris. Go to reference 20. 21. …

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[HTML] Pharmaceutical characterization of solid and dispersed carbon nanotubes as nanoexcipients

MV Ivanova, C Lamprecht, MJ Loureiro… – International journal …, 2012 –

… Single- walled CNTs and multi-walled CNTs with a manufacturer reported purity of >95% were purchased from several suppliers, ie, NanoIntegris Inc (Skokie, IL), Cheap Tubes Inc (Brattleboro, VT), NanoLab Inc (Newton, MA), and Unidym Inc (Sunnyvale, CA). …

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Anomalous photoluminescence Stokes shift in CdSe nanoparticle and carbon nanotube hybrids

AJ Akey, C Lu, L Wu, Y Zhu, IP Herman – Physical Review B, 2012 – APS

… Purified SWNT (either HiPCO following acid and thermal treatment to remove remaining catalyst particles or arc-discharge purchased already purified from NanoIntegris) were added to the NP solution and sonicated together for 1 h. The resulting hybrids were then washed with …

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The use of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotube films to measure X-ray dose

Q Kang, JTW Yeow, R Barnett – Carbon, 2012 – Elsevier

… Semiconducting SWCNT aqueous surfactant solution (10 μg/ml, SWCNT diameter range: 1.2–1.7 nm, length range 300 nm–5 μm, purity 95%, low damage, manufacturer: NanoIntegris) was deposited on this area using vacuum filtration method 1 to form a layer of surfactant free …

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Self-Aligned Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors on Flexible Substrates With Novel Source–Drain Contact and Multilayer Metal Interconnection

DT Pham, H Subbaraman, MY Chen… – Nanotechnology, …, 2012 –

… When this happens, a new contact line is formed as shown in Figure 1. In this work, 99% pure semiconducting single walled carbon nanotubes in surfactant solvent from Nanointegris, Inc is used (S10-671, 0.1mg in 10mL aqueous solution) for the dip-coat technique to deposit …

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Fabricating graphene supercapacitors: highlighting the impact of surfactants and moieties

AC Dale – Chemical Communications, 2012 –

… Graphene was commercially obtained from either: NanoIntegris (Illinois, USA),6 or Graphene Supermarket (Reading, MA, USA).7 The former are known as ‘PureSheets™’ which are produced via density gradient ultracentrifugation and the methodology has been reported and …

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Light-harvesting using metallic interdigitated structures modified with Au sputtered graphene

A Radoi, M Dragoman, A Cismaru… – Semiconductor …, 2012 –

… bandwidth ranges [9]. 2. MATERIALS AND METHODS Graphene was supplied by NanoIntegris, USA (PureSheets™ QUATTRO) as a water-based dispersion (0.05 mg/mL) containing 2% (w/v) ionic surfactant. In order to remove …

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Number of graphene layers exhibiting an influence on oxidation of DNA bases: Analytical parameters

MS Goh, M Pumera – Analytica chimica acta, 2012 – Elsevier

… G-DL and G-FL were obtained from NanoIntegris, IL, USA, while multilayer graphene (product number 698830, base dimensions 100 nm × 100 nm, length 5 μm) and graphite (product number 282863, size of particles 10–20 μm) were purchased from Sigma–Aldrich, USA. …

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Comparative study of single-, few-, and multilayered graphene toward enzyme conjugation and electrochemical response

S Alwarappan, S Boyapalle, A Kumar… – The Journal of …, 2012 – ACS Publications

… Experimental Section. Materials Single-layered graphene was received as a gift from Angstron Materials, and few-layered graphene was purchased from Nanointegris. Multilayered graphene was synthesized according to the …

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Ultrafast hydrogen sensing through hybrids of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes and tin oxide nanocrystals

S MaoS CuiK YuZ WenG Lu, J Chen – Nanoscale, 2012 –

… To prepare randomly dispersed SWCNTs on Au electrodes , one droplet (2 μL) SWCNT suspension (IsoNanotubes-S, 95% semiconducting tubes, 1 mg/100 mL, NanoIntegris) was pipetted onto the electrodes to form a discrete network of SWCNTs after the solvent evaporation . …

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Effect of first row transition metals on the conductivity of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotube networks

F Wang, ME Itkis, EB Bekyarova, X Tian… – Applied Physics …, 2012 –

… In this study, we utilized purified semiconducting SWNTs [SC-SWNTs, IsoNanotubes-S (99%), NanoIntegris Inc.] with ratio of semiconducting to metallic SWNTs of 99 to 1, which were produced by the electric arc discharge pro- cess and separated by density-gradient …

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Ultra-sensitive suspended graphene nanocomposite cancer sensors with strong suppression of electrical noise

B Zhang, Q Li, T Cui – Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2012 – Elsevier

… detection limit. 2. Experiments. 2.1. Materials. Research grade graphene (PureSheets™, 0.25 mg/ml) and carbon nanotube suspension solution (PureTube™, 0.25 mg/ml) were purchased from Nanointegris Inc. The polyelectrolytes …

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Purification of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes by Controlling the Adsorbability onto Agarose Gels Using Deoxycholate

A Hirano, T Tanaka, Y Urabe… – The Journal of Physical …, 2012 – ACS Publications

… Materials and Methods. Dispersion of SWCNTs Raw SWCNTs produced by high-pressure catalytic CO (HiPco) decomposition were purchased from NanoIntegris and were used as the starting material for the following methods. …

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Graphene as a quencher of electronic excited states of photochemical probes

M de Miguel, M Álvaro, H García – Langmuir, 2012 – ACS Publications

… Experimental Section. Graphene solutions (50 mg L –1 ) were supplied by NanoIntegris and contained an anionic surfactant (less than 1 wt %) as a stabilizer. … The authors thank NanoIntegris for the generous gift of the graphene solution used in this study. …

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High-perfermance and low-cost ion sensitive sensor array based on self-assembled graphene

B Zhang, T Cui – Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2012 – Elsevier

… to enhance the surface properties. Research grade graphene (PureSheets™, 0.25 mg/ml) and carbon nanotube suspension solutions (PureTube™, 0.25 mg/ml) were purchased from Nanointegris Inc. Next, the substrate was …

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Enhanced thermoelectric power in nanopatterned carbon nanotube film

S Jung, KB Kim, G Fernandes, JH Kim, F Wahab… – …, 2012 –

… Close. 2. Experiments. A surfactant-dispersed single-walled CNT solution (1% sodium dodecyl sulfate), which is composed of 1/3 semiconducting CNT and 2/3 metallic CNT, with average diameter around 1.4 nm, was purchased from Nanointegris, Inc. …

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[PDF] Radiation effects in carbon nanoelectronics

CD Cress, JJ McMorrow, JT Robinson, BJ Landi… – Electronics, 2012 –

… utilizing the NRL NanoScience Institute cleanroom facilities. The preparation of SWCNT thin films (98% semiconducting-enriched, NanoIntegris, Inc.) and subsequent SWCNT-TFT photolithographic processing closely follow our previously reported procedure found in ref. [8, …

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Buffered internal stresses in diamond-like carbon films reinforced with single-walled carbon nanotubes

K Chiba, M Tada – Thin Solid Films, 2012 – Elsevier

… propagation and delamination. 2. Experimental details. Samples were prepared by sputtering DLC films onto spray-coated SWCNTs (NanoIntegris Inc., mean diameter 1.4 nm, mean length 1.0 μm) on glass or PET substrates. 75 μm …

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Work function tuning for flexible transparent electrodes based on functionalized metallic single walled carbon nanotubes

EJ Spadafora, K Saint-Aubin, C Celle, R Demadrille… – Carbon, 2012 – Elsevier

… devices. 2. Experimental. 2.1. Sample fabrication. The m-SWCNTs used in this work were purchased from Nanointegris, with typical lengths of individual tubes ranging from 300 nm to 4 μm and an average diameter of 1.5 nm. …

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Ordered Assembly of Sorted Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Drying an Aqueous Droplet on a Meshed Substrate

G LuK Yu, J Chen – Journal of Nanoscience and …, 2012 –

… 2. EXPERIMENTAL DETAILS Aqueous solution that contains predominantly semicon- ducting SWCNTs (greater than 95%; 0.01 mg/ml) was pur- chased from NanoIntegris Inc. … 25. NanoIntegris Inc., Technical Data Sheet, http://www.nanointegris. com/en/downloads. 26. …

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Silica-carbon nanotubes composite coatings as saturable absorbers

J Pilipavicius, N Rusteika, A Kausas… – … (IEEE-NANO), 2012 …, 2012 –

… II. EXPERIMENTAL Aqueous colloidal solutions of semiconducting (IsoNanotubes-S 0,01 mg/mL) and unsorted (PureTubes 0,25 mg/mL) single walled carbon nanotubes were purchased from Nanointegris, Polyvinylpirrolidone (PVP 360 OOOM), Poly(4-vinylpiridine) (P4VP 60 …

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Synthesis of Silica-Carbon Nanotube Composite Materials and Their Application for Laser Systems

J Pilipavicius, D Sakalauskas… – IOP Conference …, 2012 –

… 2. Experimental Aqueous colloidal solutions of semiconducting (IsoNanotubes-S 0,01 mg/mL) and unsorted (PureTubes 0,25 mg/mL) single walled carbon nanotubes were purchased from Nanointegris, Polyvinylpirrolidone (PVP 360 000M), Poly(4-vinylpiridine) (P4VP 60 000M …

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[PDF] MSM photodetector based on gold decorated graphene ink

A Radoi –

… The Au-Pt IDT array was manufactured on HR Si substrate using standard metallization techniques and photolithography. Pristine graphene nanoplatelets (PureSheets QUATTRO, NanoIntegris, USA) were purified by removing the surfactant and re-suspension in distilled water. …

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Tunable shrink induced graphene composites for chemical sensors and microfluidics

B Zhang, T Cui – … Mechanical Systems (MEMS), 2012 IEEE 25th …, 2012 –

… The concentrations of aqueous PDDA and PSS are 1.5 and 0.3 wt%, respectively, with an addition of 0.5 M sodium chloride to enhance the surface properties. Research grade graphene (PureSheetsTM, 0.25 mg/ml) suspension solution was purchased from Nanointegris Inc. …

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Carbon nanotube based prototype as THz time domain sources/detectors

E DecrossasA Elkadi… – Infrared, Millimeter, and …, 2012 –

… 1. The suspended carbon nanotubes in aqueous solution manufactured by NanoIntegris consists of 10 µg/ml of 99% pure semiconducting SWCNTs with a diameter range of 1.2 nm to 1.7 nm, and length from 300 nm to 5 μm. …

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[CITATION] (Invited) Functional Inks Based on Monodisperse Carbon Nanomaterials

MC Hersam – Meeting Abstracts, 2012 –

… [1] J. Liu and MC Hersam, MRS Bulletin, 35, 315 (2010). [2] MC Hersam, Nature Nanotechnology, 3, 387 (2008). [3] [4] AA Green and MC Hersam, Nature Nanotechnology, 4, 64 (2009). [5] AA Green and MC Hersam, ACS Nano, 5, 1459 (2011). …

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Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitance of Metallic and Semiconducting SWCNTs and Single Layer Graphene

MH Ervin, B Mailly, T Palacios – ECS Transactions, 2012 –

… Experimental 99% pure SC- and 95% pure M-CNTs were purchased from NanoIntegris in mat form, and they have had the surfactants used in the ultra-density centrifugation (UDC) process removed using a proprietary process. …

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Solution-based fabrication of p-channel and n-channel field-effect transistors using random and aligned carbon nanotube networks

Y Duan, JL Juhala, BW Griffith, W Xue – Microelectronic Engineering, 2012 – Elsevier

… creation of logic gate circuits. 2. Materials and experimental methods. The 90% pure semiconducting SWNT (IsoNanotubes-S) solution used in this project was purchased from NanoIntegris Inc. The polyelectrolytes used in self …

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Ion irradiation of electronic-type-separated single wall carbon nanotubes: A model for radiation effects in nanostructured carbon

JE Rossi, CD Cress, AR Helenic… – Journal of Applied …, 2012 –

… Separated metallic (Iso-Nanotubes-M, Batch #M11-766) and semiconducting (Iso-Nanotubes- S, Batch #S11-368) SWCNTs were purchased from NanoIntegris, and dispersed via ultrasonication in sodium dodecyl sulfate and sodium de- oxycholate, respectively. …

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Surfactants used for dispersion of graphenes exhibit strong influence on electrochemical impedance spectroscopic response

A Bonanni, M Pumera – Electrochemistry Communications, 2012 – Elsevier

… layer, 48% double layer, 20% triple layer and 5% 4 + layer content) and Graphene-B (commercial name “Pure sheets QUATTRO graphene”; composition: 6% single layer, 23% double layer, 27% triple layer and 44% 4 + layer content) were provided by NanoIntegris (Skokie, IL). …

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Well Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWNT) Film as a Building Block for MEMS/NEMS Devices

B Wang, H Rong, M Lu – ECS Transactions, 2012 –

… assembly. After that, 50 µL SWNT (99% purified) water solution from Nanointegris with concentration from10 to 100 µg/ml was dipped in a reservoir, and the SWNT solution flowed through the channel due to a capillary force. …

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Wafer scale thin-film transistors using different semiconducting purity nanotubes, dielectric materials and gate control

KC Narasimhamurthy, R Paily – Solid-State Electronics, 2012 – Elsevier

… The next process is SWCNT thin-film deposition on the amino-silane treated [13] and [14] SiO 2 /HfO X surface. To deposit the SWCNTs, the wafer is immersed in the nanotube solution containing 90% or 95% enriched s-SWCNTs obtained from NanoIntegris Inc. USA, for 20 min. …

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Floating electrode transistor based on purified semiconducting carbon nanotubes for high source–drain voltage operation

J Lee, H Lee, T Kim, HJ Jin, J Shin, Y Shin… – …, 2012 –

… Semiconducting swCNT suspensions were prepared by dissolving ~2.5 mg of semiconducting swCNTs with 99% purity (NanoIntegris, average diameter ~1.6 nm) into ~50 ml o-dichlorobenzene and applying sonication for 1 h. Then, the substrate was immersed in the …

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Vertically aligned carbon nanotube field-effect transistors

J Li, C Zhao, Q Wang, Q ZhangZ Wang, XX Zhang… – Carbon, 2012 – Elsevier

… The deposition power, target to substrate distance were 100 W, 20 cm, respectively. The drain layer was of 20 nm-Ti and 85 nm-Au. Commercial SWCNT solution (Nanointegris, IsoNanotubes-STM, semiconductor purity 99%) was used in our experiment. …

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Nanoscale optical and electrical characterization of horizontally aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes

RD Rodriguez, M Toader, S Hermann… – Nanoscale research …, 2012 – Springer

… Subsequently, purified and type-selected CNTs (98% semiconducting provided by NanoIntegris Inc., CA, USA), dispersed in deionized water containing 0.2 wt.% of sodium dodecyl sulfate, were deposited and aligned between the electrodes by dielectrophoresis [13]. …

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Towards CMOS-compatible single-walled carbon nanotube resonators

H Pathangi, V Cherman, A Khaled, B Soree… – Microelectronic …, 2012 – Elsevier

… Commercial SWCNTs were purchased from Nanointegris and dispersed in N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP) by a controlled sonication-centrifugation process, as reported in [7]. Dielectrophoretic assembly was carried out on a 2-probe wafer prober set-up at ambient conditions. …

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Rigid/flexible transparent electronics based on separated carbon nanotube thin-film transistors and their application in display electronics

J ZhangC Wang, C Zhou – ACS nano, 2012 – ACS Publications

… The 98% semiconducting nanotubes obtained from NanoIntegris, Inc. … The sample was then rinsed with IPA and immersed into commercially available a 0.01 mg/mL, 98% semiconducting nanotubes nanotube solution (NanoIntegris Inc.) for 30 min. …

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Surface functionalization without lattice degradation of highly crystalline nanoscaled carbon materials using a carbon monoxide atmospheric plasma treatment

RJ Zaldivar, JP Nokes, PM Adams, K Hammoud… – Carbon, 2012 – Elsevier

… contact angle measurements. The graphite nanoplatelets were obtained from XG Sciences and are Grade M-5 (5 nm thickness). The SWCNT used were PureTubes supplied by NanoIntegris. 2.2. Treatment methodology. All of the …

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Controlling the doping of single-walled carbon nanotube networks by proton irradiation

D Walker, CJ Mann, CJ Panetta, DR Alaan… – Applied Physics …, 2012 –

… MTM (metallic SWNTs), and SuperPureTubesTM (unsorted SWNTs). Detailed information about the SWNTs can be found at the manufacturer’s website, Films of me- tallic, semiconducting, and unsorted …

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Comparative study of solution-processed carbon nanotube network transistors

SJ ChoiC Wang, C Chi Lo, P Bennett… – Applied Physics …, 2012 –

… 0.1% w/v in water; Sigma Aldrich), to form an amine- terminated adhesion layer followed by a deionized (DI) water rinse.7,8 Subsequently, the samples were immersed in a commercially available solution (0.01 mg/ml) of semicon- ducting nanotubes (Nano Integris Inc.) for 1min …

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Short-Channel Transistors Constructed with Solution-Processed Carbon Nanotubes

SJ Choi, P Bennett, K TakeiC Wang, CC Lo, A Javey… – ACS …, 2012 – ACS Publications

… The devices used in this work were composed of a purified, commercially available 90% semiconducting SWNT solution (0.01 mg/mL, average diameter ranging from 1.2 to 1.7 nm, determined by the commercial provider, Nano Integris Inc.) bridging metal source (S) and drain …

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Dielectrophoretic assembly of suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes

H Pathangi, G Groeseneken, A Witvrouw – Microelectronic Engineering, 2012 – Elsevier

… 2.2. SWCNT dispersion. Ultrapure SWCNT samples, synthesized by an arc discharge process, were purchased from NanoIntegris (batch #PC10-478). The diameter of the nanotubes range between 1-1.4 nm and their average length is 1 μm. …

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Exciton diffusion in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes studied by transient absorption microscopy

BA Ruzicka, R Wang, J Lohrman, S RenH Zhao – Physical Review B, 2012 – APS

… PHYSICAL REVIEW B 86, 205417 (2012) High-purity semiconducting SWNTs with nominal di- ameters in the range of 1.2–1.7 nm and lengths in the range of 300 nm–5 μm (IsoNanotube-S from NanoIntegris, 98% purity) were used in this study. …

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Emulsifier‐Free Graphene Dispersions with High Graphene Content for Printed Electronics and Freestanding Graphene Films

FJ Tölle, M Fabritius, R Mülhaupt – Advanced Functional …, 2012 – Wiley Online Library

… conducting graphene printing inks and suspensions are commercially available, eg, Vor-ink from Vorbeck, their formulations have not been disclosed.46 Other reports have described the direct printing of graphene dispersions (PureSheets, Nanointegris) containing noble-metal …

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Controllable photoelectron transfer in CdSe nanocrystal–carbon nanotube hybrid structures

K YuG Lu, K Chen, S Mao, H Kim, J Chen – Nanoscale, 2012 –

… width and an interfinger spacing of about 1 μm were fabricated on SiO 2 /Si substrates using an e-beam lithographic process.25 An aqueous solution that contains predominantly semiconducting SWCNTs (greater than 95%; 0.01 mg ml −1 ) was purchased from NanoIntegris …

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Surface plasmon enhanced optical transmission through subwavelength apertures with carbon nanotubes

EAA Nasir, QYS Wu, ZN Chen, J Teng… – … (APCAP), 2012 IEEE …, 2012 –

… perforated hole-arrays ngth 14.2 um to 83.3 on with surfactant, n, centrifugation is catalysts from the cult due to the Van meter of tube-tube from Nanointegris filtering and rinsing e. Once ready, the Sonics Vibracell at at 13000 rpm for 5 natant is decanted, bundles. …

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Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors with Graphene Oxide Passivation for Fast, Sensitive, and Selective Protein Detection

J Chang, S MaoY ZhangS Cui, DA Steeber… – Biosensors and …, 2012 – Elsevier

… biosensor applications. 2. Materials and methods. 2.1. Materials. SWNTs (~98% semiconducting) were ordered from NanoIntegris, which were synthesized using the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. 2-aminoethanethiol …

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A molybdenum disulfide/carbon nanotube heterogeneous complementary inverter

J Huang, S SomuA Busnaina – Nanotechnology, 2012 –

… Single-walled CNTs (Nanointegris, IsoNanotubes-S, 99% semiconducting tubes) were then assembled using dielectrophoresis (DEP) at 3 MHz and 3 Vpp for 2 min across the pre-patterned metal electrodes (electrode gap 1 μm, width 20 μm). …

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Selective dispersion of single-walled carbon nanotubes via easily accessible conjugated click polymers

P Gerstel, S Klumpp, F Hennrich, O Altintas… – Polymer …, 2012 –

… Preparation of polymer–SWCNT dispersions. Dispersions of SWCNTs were obtained by sonicating pristine HiPco SWCNTs (purchased from NanoIntegris) in toluene with an excess of the polymer under investigation. Typically …

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Self-Aligned T-Gate High-Purity Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube RF Transistors Operated in Quasi-Ballistic Transport and Quantum Capacitance Regime

Y Che, A Badmaev, A Jooyaie, T Wu, J Zhang… – ACS …, 2012 – ACS Publications

… Results and Discussion. Figure 1a shows a field emission scanned electron microscope (FESEM) image of a typical high-density and uniform-separated 98% semiconducting nanotube thin film (IsoNanotube-S from NanoIntegris, Inc.). …

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Solid organic acid tetrafluorohydroquinone functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube chemiresistive sensors for highly sensitive and selective formaldehyde …

D Shi, L Wei, J Wang, J Zhao, C Chen, D Xu… – Sensors and Actuators B …, 2012 – Elsevier

… For the fabrication of SWNT chemiresistive sensor, the sorted, 99% semiconducting SWNTs (purchased from Nano Integris Co.) were first deposited on a Si/SiO 2 wafer using a self-assembly method reported previously [25] and [31] with minor modification. The 3 in. …

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[PDF] Impact of Synthesis and Purification Methods on the Transport of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes in the Aquatic Environments

I Chowdhury, MC Duch, CC Gits… – Fate, Transport, and …, 2012 –

… in this study. Purified HiPco, SG65 and P2 SWNTs were purchased from NanoIntegris (Skokie, IL), Southwest Nano Technologies (Norman, OK) and Carbon Solutions, Inc (Riverside, CA) respectively. Each dispersed grade …

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Impact of Synthesis Methods on the Transport of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes in the Aquatic Environment

I Chowdhury, MC Duch, CC Gits… – … science & technology, 2012 – ACS Publications

… this study. Purified HiPco, CoMoCat SG65, and P2 SWCNTs were purchased from NanoIntegris (Skokie, IL), Southwest Nano Technologies (Norman, OK), and Carbon Solutions, Inc. (Riverside, CA), respectively. Each dispersed …

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Note: Tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy with objective scanner on opaque samples

M Nicklaus, C Nauenheim, A Krayev… – Review of Scientific …, 2012 –

… The white lines are a guide to the eye. ter deposition. A 30 μL droplet of an aqueous CNT solution (NanoIntegris, 1 mg CNTs in 100 mL) was dispersed onto the Au substrate, which was then rinsed with DI water and dried in a nitrogen flow. …

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Extraordinary Photocurrent Harvesting at Type-II Heterojunction Interfaces: Toward High Detectivity Carbon Nanotube Infrared Detectors

R Lu, C Christianson, A Kirkeminde, S Ren, J Wu – Nano letters, 2012 – ACS Publications

… shown in Figure 1a. High-purity ( 98%) s-SWCNTs with nominal diameter in the range 1.2–1.7 nm and length in the range 300 nm to 5 μm (IsoNanotube-S from NanoIntegris) were used in this study. The use of s-SWCNTs with …

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Controlling the energy band gap of aligned semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes for THz modulator

A ElkadiE Decrossas, SQ Yu… – … (EuMIC), 2012 7th …, 2012 –

… III. DEVICE PROTOTYPE The semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes, which are furnished by Nanointegris suspended in an aqueous solution are deposited and aligned using an AC dielectrophoresis technique as presented in [10] across the horizontal electrodes …

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High-yield fabrication of graphene chemiresistors with dielectrophoresis

P Li, N Lei, J XuW Xue – Nanotechnology, IEEE Transactions …, 2012 –

… After the etching steps, the actual width of the fingers w is reduced to 1.5–2.5 μm from the designed width of 3 μm; the gap g is increased to approximately 4 μm. Both graphene and s-SWNT solutions are obtained from NanoIntegris (Skokie, IL). …

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Development of carbon nanotube paste for dye-sensitized solar cells

M Tsuji, S Sugiyama, T Oya – SPIE …, 2012 –

… The fabrication procedure of the paste is follows. (1) A solution of Triton-X is prepared by mixing 8 ml of Triton-X with 8 ml of water. (2) 15 mg of SWCNT (Nanointegris Inc. Diameter: 08-L2 nm, length: 100-1000 rim) is mixed into the solution. …

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Label‐free indicator‐free nucleic acid biosensors using carbon nanotubes

K Balasubramanian – Engineering in Life Sciences, 2012 – Wiley Online Library

… There are methods emerging to obtain high-purity nanotubes of just one chemical structure [25]. However, these nanotubes are usually short (<1 μ) and are available only in the single-walled form ( …

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Tip‐enhanced broadband CARS spectroscopy and imaging using a photonic crystal fiber based broadband light source

K Furusawa, N Hayazawa, FC Catalan… – Journal of Raman …, 2012 – Wiley Online Library

… We used HiPCO S-CNTs with their diameters ranging from 1.2 to 1.7 nm (Nanointegris, Isonatnotube-S). We started from a water solution and followed the procedure described in [18] to obtain sparsely dispersed, surfactant free S-CNTs on a glass cover slip. …

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Superconductivity in Bundles of Double-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

W Shi, Z Wang, Q Zhang, Y Zheng, C Ieong, M He… – Scientific reports, 2012 –

… However, since the outer tubes used (in growing the inner tubes) for this DWCNT batch is the high-purity metallic carbon nanotube (98%, NanoIntegris Corp.), it is most likely that the outer tubes of Z-14 are also metallic in character. …

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All‐Printed Carbon Nanotube finFETs on Plastic Substrates for High‐Performance Flexible Electronics

J Shi, CX Guo, MB Chan‐Park, CM Li – Advanced Materials, 2012 – Wiley Online Library

… deposited using a pipette to place CNT solution droplets on the protrusions of the Au-coated silicon mold (Figure 1). The CNT solution with an estimated concentration of 0.34 μg mL −1 was prepared by dispersing commercially available enriched SWCNTs (Nanointegris) of 99 …

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Nanomaterials application in electrochemical detection of heavy metals

G Aragay, A Merkoçi – Electrochimica Acta, 2012 – Elsevier

… Contrary to some works reported in the literature [42] and [43], Browson and Banks demonstrated that commercially available graphene (NanoIntegris, IL, USA) enhanced nucleation of heavy metals but inhibited the stripping step of cadmium ions due to the presence of …

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A general approach for high yield fabrication of CMOS-compatible all-semiconducting carbon nanotube field effect transistors

MR IslamKJ Kormondy, E Silbar… – Nanotechnology, 2012 –

… liquid nitrogen cooled stage. After lift-off, the devices were treated in oxygen plasma to obtain a thin layer of Al 2 O 3 . The s-SWNT aqueous solution used in this study was obtained from NanoIntegris [31]. The s-SWNTs have …

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High-Performance Printed Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors Array Fabricated by a Nonlithography Technique Using Hafnium Oxide Passivation Layer and …

SK Raman Pillai, MB Chan-Park – ACS applied materials & …, 2012 – ACS Publications

… The CNT solution used in the spraying process was made from purified 99% semiconducting (original concentration 0.01 mg/mL) nanotubes from Nanointegris Inc. The solution was further diluted with DI water to 0.0005 mg/mL concentration. …

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Comparison of complex permittivities of isotonic colloids containing single‐wall carbon nanotubes of varying chirality

T Nair, JT Symanowski, HM Gach – Bioelectromagnetics, 2012 – Wiley Online Library

… SWCNT samples of IsoNanotubes-M (95% metallic, 5% semiconducting), IsoNanotubes-S (95% semiconducting, 5% metallic), and PureTubes (99% mixed of which 25–33% were metallic) were purchased from NanoIntegris (Skokie, IL) in the form of individual 5 mg mats. …

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Molecular-Basis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Recognition by Single-Stranded DNA

D RoxburyJ MittalA Jagota – Nano letters, 2012 – ACS Publications

… of sodium counterions. Photoluminescence of SWCNTs To explore the special affinity of (TAT) 4 for small diameter SWCNTs, two separate dispersions of Hipco SWCNTs (NanoIntegris) were produced. The Hipco nanotube sample …

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Nanotechnologies pour la bolométrie infrarouge

C Koechlin – 2012 –

Page 1. Nanotechnologies pour la bolométrie infrarouge TH`ESE présentée et soutenue publiquement le 5 Octobre 2012 pour l’obtention du Diplôme de Docteur de l’Université d’Orsay Spécialité Physique par Charlie Koechlin Composition du jury …

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[CITATION] Functional Nanomaterials

A Subramania, W Ramadan, SD Bhagat

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DNA Oligonucleotide Templated Nanohybrids Using Electronic Type Sorted Carbon Nanotubes for Light Harvesting

H Zhang, BA Baker, TG Cha, MD Sauffer… – Advanced …, 2012 – Wiley Online Library

… sodium ascorbate and sodium iodide were obtained from Sigma Aldrich. Electronic type sorted SWCNTs (ie semiconducting, metallic, and unsorted tubes) were obtained from NanoIntegris. The 5,10,15,20-tetra-(N-methyl-4-pyridyl …

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Optical Properties of Assembled Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotube Gels

GN Ostojic – ChemPhysChem, 2012 – Wiley Online Library

… HiPco SWNTs were solubilized in 1 % w/v sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) aqueous solution1 to obtain a 1 mg mL −1 density SWNT/SDS solution (NanoIntegris). To obtain SA/DNA complexes, biotin labeled ssDNA, (AC) 10 (IDT …

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TiO2 Composing with Pristine, Metallic or Semiconducting Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Which Gives the Best Performance for a Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cell

GH Guai, Y Li, CM Ng, CM Li… – ChemPhysChem, 2012 – Wiley Online Library

… The as-prepared m-SWCNTs and s-SWCNTs (IsoNanotubes-S, 99+ % purity, Nanointegris) were used to prepare a dispersion (0.2 mg mL −1 ) in acetone medium using the same method described above. Fabrication of TiO 2 /SWCNT Photoanodes. …

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Separation of Metallic and Semiconducting Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

Q Wanga – Carbon Nanotubes and Their Applications, 2012 –

… The scalability and economic viability of DGU have already been reported in the literature. To date, DGU is the only separation technique that can deliver high-purity m/s–SWCNT commercial products (NanoIntegris). However …

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[HTML] Carbon nanotube solar cells

C Klinger, Y Patel, HWC Postma – PloS one, 2012 –

… Materials and Methods. Cell Construction. The enriched CNSCs (figure 1) consist of a transparent glass slide covered with an enriched mixture of 90% semiconducting and 10% metallic nanotubes (IsoNanotubes-S 90% Powder, Nano Integris Inc.). …

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ITO Replacements: Carbon Nanotubes

A Schindler – Handbook of Visual Display Technology, 2012 – Springer

… Fig. 4b) [43]. Samsung in collaboration with NanoIntegris introduced CNT TECs into electrophoretic displays and demonstrated a 14.3 in. full-color e-paper at the 8th International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) in 2008. …

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The Development of nanomaterials for high performance lithium ion battery anodes

RA Dileo – 2012 –


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Nanocarbon-based photovoltaics

M Bernardi, J Lohrman, PV Kumar, A Kirkeminde… – Acs Nano, 2012 – ACS Publications

… Preparation and Characterization of Carbon-Based Solar Cell Devices We used two distinct samples of high purity s-SWCNT (IsoNanotube-S from NanoIntegris, 98% purity) with different diameters in the range of, respectively, 0.75–1.2 nm and 1.2–1.7 nm and lengths in the …

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Interfacial Thermal Conductance Observed to be Higher in Semiconducting than Metallic Carbon Nanotubes

SD Kang, SC Lim, ES Lee, YW Cho, YH Kim, HK Lyeo… – ACS …, 2012 – ACS Publications

… Methods. Sample Preparation Metallic and semiconducting SWCNTs of >95% purity, produced by the arc discharge method, were purchased from NanoIntegris Inc. The SWCNTs were rinsed with methanol to remove the residual …

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High‐Performance Inkjet Printed Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Transistors with High‐k HfO2 Dielectric on Plastic Substrate

CW Lee, R Pillai, S Kumar, X Luan, Y Wang, CM Li… – Small, 2012 – Wiley Online Library

… Commercially available purified 99% semiconducting nanotubes aqueous dispersion supplied by Nanointegris, Inc. was used as stock base material, which was diluted with DI water at 1 to 9 volume ratio to approximately 0.001 …

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Carbon nanotube structure, synthesis, and applications

C SINGH, W SONG – The Toxicology of Carbon Nanotubes, 2012 –

… Recent progress in selective growth and sorting of metallic and semiconducting SWCNTs has made high-purity and nearly-single-chiral nanotubes commercially available (SouthWest Nano Technologies and NanoIntegris) though significantly more expensive, with price for …

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Hybrid Carbon Nanotube Networks as Efficient Hole Extraction Layers for Organic Photovoltaics

GDMR Dabera, KDGI Jayawardena, MRR Prabhath… – ACS …, 2012 – ACS Publications

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Thermodynamic Determination of the Metal/Semiconductor Separation of Carbon Nanotubes Using Hydrogels

A Hirano, T Tanaka, H Kataura – ACS nano, 2012 – ACS Publications

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Graphene electrochemistry: fundamental concepts through to prominent applications

DAC Brownson, DK Kampouris… – Chemical Society Reviews, 2012 –

… Pristine graphene; commercially available from ‘Graphene Supermarket’, produced via a substrate-free gas-phase synthesis method.30,31 ‡: Chemically exfoliated graphene; commercially available from ‘NanoIntegris’, produced via a surfactant intercalation process – note …

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Charge Injection in High-κ Gate Dielectrics of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors

JJ McMorrow, CD Cress, CA Affouda – ACS nano, 2012 – ACS Publications

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Photosensitized electron transfer processes of nanocarbons applicable to solar cells

F D’Souza, O Ito – Chemical Society Reviews, 2012 –

RSC Publishing Logo View PDF VersionView Previous ArticleView Next Article DOI:10.1039/C1CS15201G (Tutorial Review) Chem. Soc. Rev., 2012, 41, 86-96. Photosensitized electron transfer processes of nanocarbons applicable to solar cells. …

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[CITATION] Carbon Based Nano-Materials Research, Development and Applications in Optoelectronics


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Metallic and Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Differentiating Individual SWCNTs by Their Carbon 1s Spectra

D Rossouw, GA Botton, E Najafi, V Lee, AP Hitchcock – ACS nano, 2012 – ACS Publications

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Material Selection: Polymeric Composites Matrix

G Cicala, C Lo Faro – Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites – Wiley Online Library

Page 1. MATERIAL SELECTION: POLYMERIC COMPOSITES MATRIX GIANLUCA CICALA AND CARMELO LO FARO University of Catania, Catania, Italy Cytec Engineered Materials Inc., Tempe, AZ INTRODUCTION The term …

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Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study and Nanomanipulation of Graphene-Coated Water on Mica

KT HeJD Wood, GP Doidge, E Pop, JW Lyding – Nano letters, 2012 – ACS Publications

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Parallel Fabrication of CMOS Compatible Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Devices

SI Khondaker – Journal of Bionanoscience, 2012 –

Page 1. Delivered by Ingenta to: ? IP : Tue, 04 Sep 2012 16:07:24 Copyright © 2012 by American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America Reviews in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Vol. 1, pp. …

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