NanoIntegris Publications 2011

Proton irradiation of metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes

D Walker, CJ Mann, JC Nocerino… – … (PVSC), 2011 37th IEEE, 2011 –

… EXPERIMENTAL SWNT Film Preparation A solution of metallic SWNTs (IsoNanotubes-M, 10 μg/mL, 99%) was purchased from NanoIntegris. The solution from NanoIntegris was used to prepare transparent metallic SWNT films on space qualified solar cell coverglass. …

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Graphene-based electrochemical sensor for detection of 2, 4, 6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) in seawater: the comparison of single-, few-, and multilayer graphene …

MS Goh, M Pumera – Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 2011 – Springer

… Geim AK, Novoselov KS (2007) Nat Mater 6:183 20. Nanointegris. Graphene technical data sheet. http://www.nano Graphene% 20Technical%20Data%20Sheet.pdf 21. Ambrosi …

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Effect of source, surfactant, and deposition process on electronic properties of nanotube arrays

D Jain, N Rouhi, C Rutherglen, CG Densmore… – Journal of …, 2011 –

… Each of these nanotubes (except semienriched samples from Los Alamos [16] and semienriched (90% semiconduct- ing) solution obtained from Nanointegris was first dispersed in surfactant solutions. … Nanointegris nanotube solution was used as received. …

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Electronic Durability of Flexible Transparent Films from Type-Specific Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

JM Harris, GRS Iyer, AK Bernhardt, JY Huh… – ACS …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… Three metallic films (h = 20, 28, and 41 nm) and one semiconducting film (h = 35 nm) were created with type-sorted aqueous colloidal solutions of electric arc SWCNTs commercially available from NanoIntegris.(20) The remaining films were assembled from laser ablation …

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Electron spin resonance study of single‐walled carbon nanotubes

AA Monge, N Ferrer‐Anglada, V Lloveras… – … status solidi (b), 2011 – Wiley Online Library

… Details on sample preparation, and characterizations are available in Ref. 6. We also employ BP 99% semiconducting SWCNT samples and BP 99% metallic SWCNT samples produced by Nanointegris using arc discharge. …

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Radio frequency and linearity performance of transistors using high-purity semiconducting carbon nanotubes

C Wang, A Badmaev, A Jooyaie, M Bao, KL Wang… – ACS …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… As a next step, high density and uniform separated 95% semiconducting nanotubes (IsoNanotubes-S from NanoIntegris, Inc.) with an average length of 1 μm are deposited using the APTES-assisted separated nanotube deposition technique as discussed in our previous …

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Graphene electrochemistry: surfactants inherent to graphene inhibit metal analysis

DAC Brownson, CE Banks – Electrochemistry Communications, 2011 – Elsevier

… The graphene was commercially obtained from NanoIntegris (Illinois, USA), and are known as ‘PureSheets™’ (research grade) and comprise entirely pristine graphene platelets that have not been oxidised, reduced, or chemically modified in anyway. …

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An ultrasensitive and low-cost graphene sensor based on layer-by-layer nano self-assembly

B Zhang, T Cui – Applied Physics Letters, 2011 –

… the surface properties. Research grade graphene suspension solution (PureSheets™, 0.25 mg/ ml) and carbon nanotube suspension solution (PureTube™, 0.25 mg/ml) were purchased from Nanointegris Inc. Next, the substrate …

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Quantifying the electron transfer sites of graphene

PM Hallam, CE Banks – Electrochemistry Communications, 2011 – Elsevier

… Graphene was commercially obtained from NanoIntegris, (Illinois, USA) and is known as ‘PureSheets™’ (research grade) and comprise entirely of pristine graphene platelets that have not been oxidised, reduced or chemically modified in any way. …

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Carbon nanotube active-matrix backplanes for conformal electronics and sensors

T Takahashi, K TakeiAG Gillies, RS Fearing… – Nano …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… In this study, we use as-received 99% semiconductor enriched SWNT solution (IsoNanotubes-S from NanoIntegris, Inc.) without any densification. SWNTs were then deposited by solution casting followed by rinse with DI water. figure …

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Air-stable conversion of separated carbon nanotube thin-film transistors from p-type to n-type using atomic layer deposition of high-κ oxide and its application in CMOS …

J ZhangC Wang, Y Fu, Y Che, C Zhou – ACS nano, 2011 – ACS Publications

… The separated nanotubes (IsoNanotubes-S) we used contain 98% semiconducting nanotubes and are obtained from NanoIntegris, Inc. The heavily doped Si substrate and 50 nm SiO 2 serve as the back-gate and gate dielectric, respectively. …

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Controlling Reversible Elastic Deformation of Carbon Nanotube Rings

L Chen, H Wang, J Xu, X Shen, L Yao… – Journal of the …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… removal of the PSPAA shell. (d) HRTEM image of CNT bundles in a ring section of (c). Single-walled CNTs (carbonaceous purity 99%) with lengths of 0.3–5 μm were purchased from NanoIntegris. They were dispersed in N,N …

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Toward efficient carbon nanotube/p3ht solar cells: active layer morphology, electrical, and optical properties

S RenM Bernardi, RR Lunt, V Bulovic… – Nano …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… P3HT/s-SWCNT nanofilaments used in the solar cells active layer were prepared starting from a solution of P3HT and high purity s-SWCNT (98% purity IsoNanotube- S powder from NanoIntegris, nominal diameter 1.2–1.7 nm). …

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Flow-induced voltage generation in high-purity metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubes

S Ho Lee, D Kim, S Kim, CS Han – Applied Physics Letters, 2011 –

… Figure 1(a) schematically shows the experimental setup we used to measure the flow-driven energy of previously separated SWCNTs (purchased by NanoIntegris Inc.): metal- lic CNT (Batch# M11-582) and semiconducting CNT (Batch# S10-650) whose purity level is 99%. …

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Adsorbability of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes onto Agarose Gels Affects the Quality of the Metal/Semiconductor Separation

A Hirano, T Tanaka, H Kataura – The Journal of Physical Chemistry …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… Materials and Methods. Dispersion of SWCNTs SWCNTs produced by high-pressure catalytic CO (HiPco) decomposition were purchased from NanoIntegris and were used as the starting material for the metal/semiconductor separation. …

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High yield assembly and electron transport investigation of semiconducting-rich local-gated single-walled carbon nanotube field effect transistors

KJ Kormondy, P Stokes, SI Khondaker – Nanotechnology, 2011 –

… Finally, devices were treated in oxygen plasma for 10 min to ensure growth of a uniform 2–3 nm Al2O3 layer. 3. Results and discussion Semiconducting-enriched (99%) SWNT solution suspended in deionized (DI) water was purchased from NanoIntegris [23]. …

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Wettability Conversion from Superoleophobic to Superhydrophilic on Titania/Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Composite Coatings

M Zhang, T Zhang, T Cui – Langmuir, 2011 – ACS Publications

… 0.4 M, respectively. After the two solutions were mixed together, 1–4 μg/mL 99% purified single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) (Nanointegris, US) was dispersed in the solution by ultrasonic treatment for 5 min. Silicon wafer …

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Observation of the urbach tail in the effective density of states in carbon nanotubes

DA Jones, JU Lee – Nano letters, 2011 – ACS Publications

… Nanotube networks are formed by passing a suspension of highly purified semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (NanoIntegris) through a filter membrane. The networks are then transferred to the substrate and patterned using techniques described in ref 22. …

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Total ionizing dose-hardened carbon nanotube thin-film transistors with silicon oxynitride gate dielectrics

CD Cress, JJ McMorrow, JT Robinson… – MRS …, 2011 – Cambridge Univ Press

… The remainder of the processing, including the deposition of 98% pure semiconducting SWCNT (purchased from NanoIntegris, Inc.) thin films, and subsequent SWCNT-TFT photolithographic processing are based on the procedure reported in Cress et al.[9] The false-color …

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JH Kim, GE Fernandes, D Deisley, SW Jung… –

… Page 2. 2. Experiment Setup Water-soluble single-walled CNTs can be obtained from both within our lab and commercial supplies such as Nanointegris, Inc. In cases where diameter, length and their uniformity are not critical, we prefer to use commercially supplied CNTs. …

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Fabrication of supported lipid bilayer (SLB) and nanotube transistor hybrid biosensing platform using microfluidic channels

TS Lim, D JainPJ Burke – Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO), …, 2011 –

… (c) Micrograph of fabricated devices showing source drain contacts (black) with a window at the gate channel (inset) zoom-out image of arrays of devices (d) SEM image of CNT network. (IsoNanotubes-S 99%, Nanointegris Inc) were deposited using drop-casting method. …

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[CITATION] Fundamentals and applications of monodisperse carbon nanomaterials

MC Hersam – Meeting Abstracts, 2011 –

… Nanotechnology, 3, 387 (2008). [3] [4] M. Engel, et al., “Thin film nanotube transistors based on self-assembled, aligned, semiconducting carbon nanotube arrays,” ACS Nano, 2, 2445 (2008). [5] L. Nougaret …

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TS Lim, D JainPJ Burke –

… before the surface modifica- tion. The surface was treated with 1% APTES in isopropanol, then semiconducting ink (IsoNanotubes-S 99%, Nanointegris Inc) were deposited using drop-casting method. . The source drain contacts …

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Solution-processable random carbon nanotube networks for thin-film transistors

Q Gong, E Albert, B FabelA Abdellah… – … (IEEE-NANO), 2011 …, 2011 –

… film. II. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION A. Fabrication of CNTFETs Carbon nanotubes used in this work was purchased from SWeNT (90%-s) and NanoIntegris (98%-s), purified and enriched with semiconducting nanotubes. First …

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Effect of SOCl2 doping on electronic properties of single‐walled carbon nanotube thin film transistors

DH Kim, JK Lee, JH Huh, YH Kim, GT Kim… – … status solidi (b), 2011 – Wiley Online Library

… Aqueous dispersions of SWCNTs were used as received from NanoIntegris (metallic and semiconducting) and the provider specified the purity was 99%. We prepared one more sample by mixing 1 ml of metallic and semiconducting …

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Performance Comparison of Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated Using Different Purity Semiconducting Nanotubes

KC Narasimhamurthy, R Paily – VLSI Design (VLSI Design), …, 2011 –

… its affinity to the nanotubes [9], [10]. The SWCNT solutions of 90% and 95% purity semicon- ducting carbon nanotube are obtained from NanoIntegris Inc. USA. Semiconducting nanotubes are separated using density gradient …

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A Marvin, MD Rossi –

… vivo. Methods Oxidation of Carbon Nanotubes. Dry semiconducting SWCNTs 90-95% purity were purchased from NanoIntegris, Inc (Skokie, IL). Metallic SWCNTs were kindly provided by Illinois Institute of Technology. As- received …

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Fundamental Limits on the Mobility of Nanotube‐Based Semiconducting Inks

N Rouhi, D Jain, K Zand, PJ Burke – Advanced Materials, 2011 – Wiley Online Library

… suitable for different electronic applications. Purified 99% semiconducting nanotubes in solution, “IsoNanotubes-S 99%” (commercially supplied by NanoIntegris, Inc.), were used as the base material. Another solution containing 90 …

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Carbon nanotube with chemically bonded graphene leaves for electronic and optoelectronic applications

K YuG LuZ BoS Mao, J Chen – The Journal of Physical …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… In contrast, small addition of graphene nanosheets (PureSheets, NanoIntegris) into the CNT TCE film actually led to an increase in R S , which is consistent with the literature as only an appropriate amount of RGO can lead to an decrease in R S (3 wt % for single-walled CNTs …

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Graphene Electrochemistry: Surfactants Inherent to Graphene Can Dramatically Effect Electrochemical Processes

DAC Brownson, JP Metters, DK Kampouris… – …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library

… The graphene was commercially obtained from NanoIntegris, (Illinois, USA) and are known as ‘PureSheets’ (research grade) and comprise entirely pristine graphene platelets that have not been oxidised, reduced, or chemically modified in anyway. … …

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Separated Carbon Nanotube Macroelectronics for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode Displays

J Zhang, Y Fu, C WangPC Chen, Z Liu, W Wei… – Nano …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… A 98% semiconducting carbon nanotube solution (from Nanointegris, Inc.; batch no. … We thank Professor Mark Hersam of Northwestern University and Mr. Elliott Garlock and Dr. Nathan Yoder of Nanointegris for valuable discussions. Supporting Information …

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Comment on:“Photocurrent Amplification at Carbon Nanotube‐Metal Contacts”

M Omari, NA Kouklin – Advanced Materials, 2011 – Wiley Online Library

… For the experiments, purified and presorted 95% semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) thin films were obtained from NanoIntegris, Inc.; the SWNTs have an optical bandgap of ∼0.6 eV and their mean diameter and length are about 1.4 nm and 1.0 μm …

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Performance Comparison of Interdigitated Thin-Film Field-Effect Transistors Using Different Purity Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes

KC Narasimhamurthy… – Advanced Materials …, 2011 – Trans Tech Publ

… Then the wafer is rinsed in IPA, DI water and dried with nitrogen. The above described process is repeated to deposit 95% purity s-SWCNTs. The SWCNT solutions of 90% and 95% purity s-SWCNTs are obtained from NanoIntegris Inc. USA. …

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A study on carbon-nanotube local oxidation lithography using an atomic force microscope

K Kumar, O Sul, S Strauf, DS Choi… – Nanotechnology, …, 2011 –

… A droplet of semiconducting single-walled CNTs (NanoIntegris) solution was dispersed, dried, and the re- maining solution residue was removed using acetone and dis- tilled, deionized water baths followed by soft baking at 100 ◦ C. 1536-125X/$26.00 © 2010 IEEE Page 2. 850 …

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[CITATION] Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes

P Shifrina – 2011

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Modulating the performance of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors via Rose Bengal molecular doping

J Huang, A DatarS SomuA Busnaina – Nanotechnology, 2011 –

… applications. 2. Experimental details Single-walled carbon nanotubes (Nanointegris, IsoNano- tubes-S, 99% semiconducting tubes) were spun on a highly doped p-type silicon substrate capped with 100 nm thermal oxide. This …

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High-yield dielectrophoretic deposition and ion sensitivity of graphene

P Li, N Lei, J XuW Xue – Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO), 2011 …, 2011 –

… (b) Experimental system for the dielectrophoretic deposition of graphene. The graphene solution is obtained from NanoIntegris (Skokie, IL, USA) with the single- to triple-atomic-layer graphene making up approximately 56% of the content. …

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Differential scanning calorimetry analysis of an enhanced LiNi< sub> 0.8</sub> Co< sub> 0.2</sub> O< sub> 2</sub> cathode with single wall carbon nanotube …

MJ Ganter, RA DiLeo, CM Schauerman, RE Rogers… – Electrochimica …, 2011 – Elsevier

… The use of SWCNTs as a conductive additive in a typical LiCoO 2 cathode coating found that 0.5 wt% commercially prepared HiPco SWCNTs (CNI/Unidym previously, now through NanoIntegris) can effectively replace 10 wt% carbon black and realize nearly equivalent …

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A Simple, Flexible, Low-Cost Acetylcholine Biosensor Based on Nano Self Assembly of Graphene

TZ Cui, B Zhang – Sensor Letters, 2011 –

… All the above materials were purchased from Sigma–Aldrich Corporation except for PBS from GIBCO Corporation. The suspended graphene solution was purchased from Nanointegris Corporation at a concentration of 25 mg/100 ml. …

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Graphene electrochemistry: Fabricating amperometric biosensors

DAC Brownson, CE Banks – Analyst, 2011 –

… Graphene was commercially obtained from NanoIntegris (Illinois, USA), in a form known as ‘PureSheets’™ (research grade) which are comprised entirely of pristine graphene platelets that have not been oxidised, reduced, or chemically modified in anyway.22 The graphene is …

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[PDF] Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Sensors for Highly Sensitive and Selective Organophos-phor Vapor Detection”

L Wei, D Shi, Z Dai, P Ye, Z Wang, C Chen… – Proceedings of …, 2011 –

… with the response time of less than 1 min. Experimental Single-walled carbon nanotube solution (0.01 mg/ml in water) with 99% semiconducting nanotubes was purhased from Nano Integris Co. The SWNTs were deposited …

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A review on technological aspects influencing commercialization of carbon nanotube sensors

DWH Fam, A Palaniappan, AIY Tok, B Liedberg… – Sensors and Actuators B …, 2011 – Elsevier

… semiconducting or metallic) [67]. This methodology for production of pure (semiconducting or metallic) solutions introduced by NanoIntegris Inc. constitutes a tool for the up-scale production of nanotubes. However, complete refinement …

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Fully printed separated carbon nanotube thin film transistor circuits and its application in organic light emitting diode control

P Chen, Y Fu, R Aminirad, C WangJ Zhang… – Nano …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… To improve the adhesion of SWCNT to Si/SiO 2 wafers, wafers are functionalized by diluted (aminopropyl)triethoxysilane (APTES) following our previously published recipe,(25) before printing of 98% semiconductive SWCNT solution (NanoIntegris Inc.) as the active channel …

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[PDF] Peter Rodgers

T Cohen – 2011 –

… delivery and biomedical imaging. He has also applied DGU to other materials, including graphene3 and metallic nanoparticles4, and co-founded a company called Nanointegris to commercialize the technology. Mike Arnold, first …

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Performance Comparison of Single-and Dual-Gate Carbon-Nanotube Thin-Film Field-Effect Transistors

KC Narasimhamurthy, R Paily – Electron Devices, IEEE …, 2011 –

… functionalize the oxidized silicon surface. To deposit the SWCNTs, the wafer is immersed in a nanotube solution containing 95% enriched SSWCNTs obtained from NanoIntegris Inc., for 20 min. Subsequently, the wafer is rinsed …

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Analyzing absorption backgrounds in single-walled carbon nanotube spectra

AV Naumov, S Ghosh, DA Tsyboulski, SM Bachilo… – ACS …, 2011 – ACS Publications

… Methods. Sample Preparation and Processing All SWCNT suspensions (except for the metallic-enriched sample from NanoIntegris) were prepared using HiPco product (batch 188.4) from the Rice University reactor. Studies …

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Unipolar sequential circuits based on individual-carbon-nanotube transistors and thin-film carbon resistors

H Ryu, D Kälblein, OG Schmidt, H Klauk – ACS nano, 2011 – ACS Publications

… of mixed (semiconducting and metallic) carbon nanotubes produced by the HiPCO method, 50% in the case of mixed nanotubes produced by the arc-discharge method, and about 80% in the case of sorted semiconducting nanotubes (IsoNanotubes-S, provided by NanoIntegris …

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Hole doping and surface functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotube chemiresistive sensors for ultrasensitive and highly selective organophosphor vapor …

L Wei, D Shi, P Ye, Z Dai, H Chen, C Chen… – …, 2011 –

… 2.1. SWNT chemiresistor fabrication and functionalization The SWNT solution (0.01 mgml −1 in water) with 99% semiconducting nanotubes was purchased from Nano Integris Co. The Si/SiO2 wafer used is a n-doped Si(100) wafer with 300 nm oxide on the top of the Si wafer. …

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Fabricating devices with dielectrophoretically assembled, suspended single walled carbon nanotubes for improved nanoelectronic device characterization

S Schuerle, MK Tiwari, K Shou, D Poulikakos… – Microelectronic …, 2011 – Elsevier

… are conducted with either a well-formulated dispersion of LPCVD grown SWCNTs suspended in DI water using 1 wt% sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate as surfactant [13], or commercial SWCNT dispersions of either metallic or semi-conducting tubes (Nanointegris Inc., USA …

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High-performance local back gate thin-film field-effect transistors using sorted carbon nanotubes on an amino-silane treated hafnium oxide surface

KC Narasimhamurthy, R Paily – Semiconductor Science and …, 2011 –

… SWCNTs synthesized by the arc discharge method are obtained from NanoIntegris Inc., USA. The solution contained 95% semiconducting CNTs separated using density gradient ultracentrifugation. The s-SWCNTs obtained 2 Page 4. Semicond. Sci. Technol. 26 (2011) 075002 …

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Fabrication and characterisation of high-performance and high-current back-gate thin-film field-effect transistors using sorted single-walled carbon nanotubes

KC Narasimhamurthy, R Paily – Circuits, Devices & Systems, …, 2011 –

… doi:10.1049/iet-cds.2010.0424 Page 3. used to functionalise the oxidised silicon surface. To deposit the SWCNTs, the wafer is immersed in the nanotube solution containing 95% enriched s-SWCNTs obtained from NanoIntegris Inc. USA, for 20 min. …

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Integration von passiven und aktiven Bauelementen mittels innovativer Drucktechniken

F Schön, J Keck, H Willeck, W Eberhardt… – GMM-Fachbericht- …, 2011 –

… können. Das Dru- cken des Halbleiterkanals erfolgte aus einer wässrigen Suspension von Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) mit einem hohen Anteil an halbleitenden CNTs (Nanointegris, IsoNanotubes-S 99%). Für …

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Applications: High-Performance Materials and Emerging Areas

M Hersam, PS Weiss – … Research Directions for Societal Needs in 2020, 2011 – Springer

… demonstrated. The future prospects are promising for SWNTs prepared by DGU. Commercialization of this approach has already been initiated by a start-up company called NanoIntegris ( In addition …

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Uso da espectroscopia raman na metrologia de materiais

EHM Ferreira – 2011 –

… maneira rápida e acessível para determinar tais concentrações. Há no mercado soluções deste tipo com alta pureza (da ordem de 99%) produzidas pela Nanointegris. Usando tais soluções como referência de pureza, foram …

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Self‐Aligned Sub‐10‐nm Nanogap Electrode Array for Large‐Scale Integration

P Gao, Q ZhangH Li, MB Chan‐Park – Small, 2011 – Wiley Online Library

… NG electrodes for integrated nanodevices, the ac dielectrophoresis (DEP) method was used to bridge single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) across the NG arrays.40–42 A well-dispersed SWNT suspension had 95% semiconducting nanotubes (Nanointegris Company) with …

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Scalable complementary logic gates with chemically doped semiconducting carbon nanotube transistors

SY LeeSW Lee, SM Kim, WJ Yu, YW Jo, YH Lee – Acs Nano, 2011 – ACS Publications

… Materials and Methods. Preparation of CNTs Solution The semiconducting CNTs which contain 95% semiconducting CNTs were purchased from IsoNanotubes-S 95%, Nanointegris, USA. The CNT powder of 0.3 mg was dissolved …

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Advances in carbon nanotube based electrochemical sensors for bioanalytical applications

SK Vashist, D Zheng, K Al-Rubeaan, JHT Luong… – Biotechnology …, 2011 – Elsevier

Electrochemical (EC) sensing approaches have exploited the use of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as electrode materials owing to their unique structures and properties.

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M13 virus/single-walled carbon nanotubes as a materials platform for energy devices and biomedical applications

H Yi – 2011 –

… used. For 99% metallic and 99% semiconducting SWNTs, the starting concentration was 10 µg/ml (NanoIntegris). For the calculation of the number of SWNT per µg of SWNT, we used 1 µg of SWNT = 1.06 χ 1012 assuming 0.8 nm in diameter and 500 nm in length (16). Since

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Semiconducting enriched carbon nanotube aligned arrays of tunable density and their electrical transport properties

BK SarkerS ShekharSI Khondaker – ACS nano, 2011 – ACS Publications

… The nanotube assembly was done using dielectrophoresis (DEP) from a high-purity (99%) s-SWNT aqueous solution purchased from NanoIntegris.(36) The diameter of the nanotubes varied from 0.5 to 3.9 nm with an average of 1.6 nm, and the length of the nanotubes varied …

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Chemically Doped Random Network Carbon Nanotube p–n Junction Diode for Rectifier

C Biswas, SY Lee, TH Ly, A Ghosh, QN Dang… – ACS nano, 2011 – ACS Publications

… Methods. The semiconducting SWCNTs separated from metallic SWCNTs by a density gradient ultracentrifugation method were purchased from NanoIntegris Inc. The separated SWCNTs were then dispersed in N-methylpyrrolidinone …

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Virus-templated self-assembled single-walled carbon nanotubes for highly efficient electron collection in photovoltaic devices

X Dang, H Yi, MH Ham, J Qi, DS Yun… – Nature …, 2011 –

… Complexation of virus/SWNT. Various starting SWNTs were either prepared according to the previously reported methods or purchased from NanoIntegris (see Supplementary Information). A calculated amount of SWNT-binding …

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Carbon based nanomaterials as transparent conductive electrodes

F Reiter – 2011 –

… 45 Figure 3.3 (a) Picture of type sorted >95% Sc-SWNT solution purchased from Nanointegris. (b) Vacuum filtered Sc-SWNT electrode. (c) Picture of type sorted >95% M-SWNT solution purchased from Nanointegris. (d) Vacuum filtered M-SWNT electrode. …

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Label free biosensing with carbon nanotube transistors

MR Leyden – 2011 –

… There are techniques used to selectively separate,28or selectively grow particular CNT chiralities.29 Solutions of separated tubes can be commercially purchased through Nanointegris. Biosensors are an important tool used for early disease detection, and for gaining …

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High-performance semiconducting nanotube inks: Progress and prospects

N Rouhi, D JainPJ Burke – ACS nano, 2011 – ACS Publications

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[PDF] NRC Publications Archive (NPArC) Archives des publications du CNRC (NPArC)

S Kumar Vashist, D Zheng, K Al-Rubeaan… – Biotechnology …, 2011 –

Page 1. NRC Publications Archive (NPArC) Archives des publications du CNRC (NPArC) Publisher’s version / la version de l’éditeur: Biotechnology Advances, 29, 2, pp. 169-188, 2011-02-01 Advances in carbon nanotube based electrochemical sensors for …

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[PDF] Carbon Based Transistors and Nanoelectronic Devices DISSERTATION

N Rouhi – 2011 –

Page 1. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE Carbon Based Transistors and Nanoelectronic Devices DISSERTATION submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in Electrical and Computer Engineering by Nima Rouhi …

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DFT calculation of structures and NMR chemical shifts of simple models of small diameter zigzag single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs)

T Kupka, M Stachów, M Nieradka… – Magnetic Resonance in …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library

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[PDF] Carbon nanotube electronics

I Iezhokin, J Gao – 2011 –

Page 1. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials Carbon nanotube electronics Master thesis by Igor Iezhokin August 31, 2011 Group: Photophysics and OptoElectronics Group Leader: Prof. …

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Biosensors based on one-dimensional nanostructures

IM Feigel, H Vedala, A Star – Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2011 –

RSC Publishing Logo View PDF VersionView Previous ArticleView Next Article DOI:10.1039/C1JM10521C (Feature Article) J. Mater. Chem., 2011, 21, 8940-8954. Biosensors based on one-dimensional nanostructures. Ian Matthew …

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Separation of empty and water-filled single-wall carbon nanotubes

JA Fagan, JY Huh, JR Simpson, JL Blackburn… – ACS …, 2011 – ACS Publications

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Characterization and nanopatterning of organically functionalized graphene with ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy

QH WangMC Hersam – MRS bulletin, 2011 – Cambridge Univ Press

Page 1. 532 MRS BULLETIN • VOLUME 36 • JULY 2011 • © 2011 Materials Research Society Graphene is a two-dimensional atomic layer of sp2-bonded carbon in a honeycomb lattice. 1–3 Seminal work …

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AV Naumov – 2011 –

Page 1. RICE UNIVERSITY Advanced Characterization and Optical Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Oxide. by Anton Viatcheslavovich Naumov A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE …

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