HiPco(β): Small-diameter SWNTs

HiPco(β) Raw SEM

HiPco(β) Purified SEM

Small Diameter SWNTs

HiPco(β) SWNT Product

Product Residual Fe
Diameter Length
Raw <10% wt% 0.8 – 1.2 400 – 700 nm
Purified <1% wt% 0.6 – 1.1 ~100 – 1,000 nm

Characterization Summary

Individual SWNT Diameter ~0.6 – 1.1 nm
Individual SWNT Length ~400 – 700 nm
Color Black, Dark Grey
Morphology Dry fibrous powder
TGA Residue as Fevi Dry powder of nanotubes bundled in ropes
– Raw <10 wt%
– Pure <1 wt%
Carbon Purity >90%
Raman G/D Ratio

(532nm excitation)

Average: ~35

Higher: 95


Product Applications

The HiPo(β) material has potential usages in fields ranging from Water Filtration to RAM Memory. Please see the image below to see a list of potential applications for this exciting material.

Product Delivery

All HiPco(β) products are delivered in a dry, granular powder form.

A wet cake can be created upon special request for a small conversion fee.

HiPco Pricing

Multi-gram and kilogram price quotes available by request. Additional discounts also available for large volume orders. For more information contact our Sales Manager at sales@nanointegris.com or call +1-866-650-0482.

Product Type Price/gram ($ USD)
Raw $299
Purified $549

HiPco(β) SWNT Product