BNNT-MW Powder

BNNT-MW Powder




Elemental Properties


Physical Properties

BET Surface Area 32.9060 m2/g
Molecular Cross-Sectional Area 0.1620 nm
Diameter 50-100 nm

Product Applications

The primary usage for BNNT is to have the material serve as a Thermal Conductor. The thermal conductivity of a material can be multiplied by the incorporation of BNNT within composite materials.  Along with this, BNNT-MWs can also provide Electrical Insulation to materials utilized for information technology devices.

Electrical Insulating Thermal Conducting Material for IT Devices

In a Thermal Conductivity Comparison of 50wt% h-BN dispersed epoxy composite and 0.5wt% BNNT/49.5 wt% h-BN dispersed epoxy composite, Thermal conductivity (1.3 W/mK) was be enhanced as much as 3 times (3.4 W/mK) with only 0.5 wt% BNNT-MW (0.5 wt%). Additionally, this material at a BNNT density of 2.0 g/cm3 could provide a thermal conductivity of 10 W/mK. Furthermore, the Electric Breakdown Voltage for these prepared composites was 26.3 kV/mm.


Product Delivery

We currently offer our BNNT-MW product as a granulated high-density powder.

*An  Aqueous surfactant solution can also be prepared upon special request. 


Multi-gram and kilogram price quotes available by request. Additional discounts also available for large volume orders.

For more information contact our Sales Manager at or call +1-866-650-0482.

Mass Range (g) Price/g ($ USD)
1-99 $625
100-199 $500
200-299 $300