Drug Delivery and Detection

Drug Delivery and DetectionSemiconducting CNTs have proven useful for targeted drug delivery.

Anti-cancer drugs may be delivered more efficaciously and with fewer systemic side-effects using a “smart” nanotechnology platform than by conventional methods. Small-diameter semiconducting SWNTs represent one such promising platform, due to their strong absorbance in the so-called therapeutic infrared window (between 700-1100 nm, depending on body tissue type).

Other Medical Applications

Our semiconducting nanotubes have already been shown useful for dosimetry measurements in medical radiation applications. (Kanga et al., Carbon, Volume 50, Issue 6, May 2012, pp 2197-2201.). SWNT’s exhibit quasi-linear average resistance-dose rate relations that result when their films are irradiated by 6 and 15 MV X-rays.